President Mariano Rajoy still has the sad illusion that Catalonia did not become independent from Spain

One of the saddest situations for some and of greater joy for others is the referendum of independence of Catalonia of Spain. With an absolute majority the inhabitants of Catalonia said to him to the independence of Spain; But, paradoxically, President Mariano Rajoy still believed in the illusion that Catalonia was not independent.

The referendum on independence of Catalonia, celebrated on October 1, 2017, also known by the numeral 1-O; was a referendum of self-determination convened by the Generalitat of Catalonia, suspended by the Constitutional Court and finally illegally celebrated in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia.


With an absolute majority Catalonia voted for its independence and autonomy, it should only follow the process to rarify its autonomy and modify the map of the European continent. But this does not seem possible according to President Mariano Rajoy who alleged that the referendum is unconstitutional and illegal, I still believe in the illusion of not letting Catalonia independent.

One of the most controversial issues of the president and part of the European community is to discredit the separatist referendum, as it follows the legal process of independence that enshrines the United Nations Organization “on the autonomy of peoples.

However, this morning at the national congress, President Mariano Rajoy signed the minutes of the result of the independence of Catalonia, giving the new Catalan president a 7-day term to ratify the independence of the new European country.


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