Discovering the secret of life in fertilized embryos can give man a chance to live forever

How does our life begin? What is the energy engine that gives rise to this great phenomenon of life? It really is a great enigma the formation of life in the womb of a woman, a fertilized embryo and a new being that immediately begins to grow.

Biologically the origin of life in living beings has been discovered. But until today it is not known how to form that life that emerged millions of years ago on earth. Recent studies on embryos and the development of fetuses in a woman’s womb have begun to shed a great deal of information on the secrets of the formation of the go.

We can conceive life formations as a true puzzle which must be assembled piece by piece to unravel each of those secrets that are stored in the molecules that make up an embryonic life. Through a study that uses the cultivation of molecular technologies is seeking to discover these secrets in the formation of life. The study conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York by scientists has given much information which is beginning to use this molecular technology to treat problems affecting infants in the mother’s womb.

Faced with this study have been pronounced many scientists one of the most outstanding has been “Zev Williams” an endocrinologist specialist in reproduction and infertility at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Who pronounces by arguing the following:

 “It really is this great mystery of reproduction is obviously such an important part of human development, but it has been so little studied.”

In this way, it broadens the research projects and encourages the scientific community to investigate the formation of life within a person’s womb.

 On the other hand, the expansion of these infestations can at the same time strengthen the principles of medicine and biology in terms of the composition of microorganisms since its inception, thus implying the possibility of dealing with problems generated at the time of the formation of Life and others present when it develops completely. All this can help science find the secret of eternal life through full knowledge of the formation of this.


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