Israel finds a helping hand from heaven with the triumph of Donald Trump

The religious principles that from time immemorial have cemented the relationship between Israel and the united states were a little affected with the mandate of the democratic party in the white house. Now with the triumph of President-elect Donald Trump everything seems to be different, Israel has found a hand out of heaven.

The Christian foundations of the president-elect in the United States (Donald Trump) are the basis on which the relationship between Israel and the United States was based in this period. These foundations and some events that have taken place in recent years are faithful proof that the future in relations between these countries will be stronger than before.

In 2015 the American Jewish magazine Algemeiner, of conservative bases in what concerns to the state of Israel and that identifies with Netanyahu, granted to him the Freedom Prize by his intrepid efforts to defend the Jewish State and the relations between Israel and the United States.

Another relevant fact is that Trump has grandchildren of Jewish origins. Ivanka, became orthodox Judaism to marry an American Jewish businessman. Also something very important is the fact that he is a man with a great Christian vocation to belong to the Presbyterian community.

Well, it really is very important for both the United States of America and the state of Israel, a helping hand that appeared in a long season of scarce for Israel after living a period of tense relations with the past administration.


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