Donald Trump ¡Change the History of the United States!

Throughout the history of the Western superpower, the United States of America, a very marked fact has been its foreign policy, which has been marked by intervention in global problems that affect the course of our humanity as terrorism And the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
President-elect “Donald Trump,” the 45th president to occupy the White House has proposed to completely change US policy on foreign affairs. A policy that has always been marked by the sending of troops abroad, a fact that in the long run has generated a great economy of the country.
The sending of troops by the United States to the foreigner will be marked in the future by economic interests and not by political memberships of protectionism. It is a very relevant fact since it will be marked by the collection of services rendered by security in any place of the world, reflecting in this way a drastic change in the policy of the United States of America. The treaties signed by the transatlantic organization (OTTAN) and the United States will be thoroughly scrutinized to determine the way forward for the United States’ military strategy against Russia’s far-reaching weaponry.
President Donald Trump has consistently ratified the change in US foreign policy, and this change will not only be reflected in military strategy but will affect all strategic fields. The economic investment of North American companies in the production of their products in countries with cheaper labor as Asia and Mexico. Something visualized since the beginning of its campaign, a fact that in the long term has directly affected the well-being of the North American town reducing the amounts of available jobs by citizens.
Only two days remain for the future president to occupy the white house and the world has felt the weight of his words, many companies are confirming that they moved their production to the United States where they should have always been, confirming once again that the president Donald Trump will change the history of the United States of America.


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