The largest asteroid in the Ceres solar system has water

Finding water in other bodies of the solar system was a hard task for the international scientific community, but at the same time paid off. Recent reports show that both on Tuesday and in other rocky bodies of the solar system is this natural element, in that case it is the largest asteroid of our solar system “Ceres”, who has water hidden in its structure.

The analyzes show that the water is in a solid state lurking beneath the rocky surface. The water in the form of ice has been from the very beginning of the birth of this rocky body.

The NASA Dawn spacecraft began to orbit Ceres, which is also a dwarf planet, in 2015. This allowed a team led by Thomas Prettyman at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, To measure hydrogen on the surface of the asteroid. The water inside Ceres chemically alters the surface, leaving a trace of hydrogen there. The highest concentrations of hydrogen occurred in mid and high latitudes.

These analyzes and a second study focused on the ice trapped in the regions in permanent shade of the surface of Ceres. Of the 634 craters studied, only 10 contained frozen material.


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