A sad farewell to humanity. Pan Pan: The oldest Panda in the world dies

We could call him the father of the species since it was a crucial link in saving a spice that was in a critical state of extinction.

Pan Pan (1985 – 28 December 2016) Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Chengdu, China.

Bread pan, the oldest panda in the world as it was considered to have died at the end of this year 2016, a painful death for humanity which reached the age of 31 years the adorable panda.

Sichuan province in China is in mourning for this tragic loss, the panda in addition to representing the hope of this species already saved by this lovely pope, also Serbian as a tourist attraction, many people from all over the world traveled to this Place with the intention of photographing and documenting the oldest pada in the world.

The reports show that the panda already had an advanced age of 31 years, which represents in human years about 100 years, which impairs his deteriorated health in the last days of the life of the panda.

One of the great achievements is in its great proliferation, leaving approximately 130 children and grandchildren during their long life saving a spice that many considered in an extinct time.


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