What is the most consumed fruit in the world?

Throughout the history of humanity has been considered as the fruit most consumed around the world the fruit of the tree of “Malus domestica” which is commonly called as the apple tree.

Mature apple.

The apple is an edible pomaceous fruit, fruit of the domestic apple tree, other apple trees (species of the genus Malus) or hybrids of that. In some areas of Spain it is often called but when it has an elongated shape, although in many parts of Andalusia it is called “but” to the apple.

Historically it has a high degree of importance because of its nutritional properties and the role it has played in ancient civilizations. Something very relevant is to find it in the biblical writings as the first fruit that man consumed in the garden of Eden.
Traditionally, it is said that its origin is located in the Almá-Atá or Almatý area, former capital of the Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan and now the second most important city of the independent Kazakh state.

In fact Almaty is the adjectival form of the noun “manzana” in Kazakh and is popularly translated as “Father of the Apples”.


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