Can you imagine living in an ice house? Ice hotel

Just imagine the feelings that might feel to live in a house ice is a challenge, perhaps our feelings are between fear to feel the walls come low or’ll stay outdoors after a slow de-freezing of this ; Well, in practice it is quite the opposite, it may be one of the greatest experiences we have in our lives, living in the shelter of an ice hotel, much like the igloo using some native communities in northern Canada.

The ice hotel is in the eco tourist season in Sweden where you can do all kinds of winter sports and activities, so that free time is always busy. Precisely because it was conceived from the idea of an art exhibition of ice, each year a different artist makes the design of this famous and special hotel. Building and around it has an area of 4,000 m².

For the construction of this hotel Ice Hotel ice or possible, mainly you need to have ice. The ice is obtained from the Torne river freezes every year, and remains covered by a layer one meter ice for most of the year. Many architects, artists and designers use it as a source to do their work. The water is impeccable and produces a clear and transparent glass.

The hotel consists of:

  • A wooden church, the oldest in the area, built in 1606
  • A museum of objects from the life of the Saami, a nation in the region
  • A sauna ice
  • A cinema
  • The rooms
  • A unique bar called Absolut Ice Bar.
Ice hotel near Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.

This peculiar bar has columns that have been frozen since 1994 holding a bar where drinks are served in ice glasses. The rooms are lit by oil lamps and faint rays of Arctic sun. The noises are almost nonexistent, as thick and firm snow walls make different sounds are heard. The hotel offers a help, as a course and gives advice to sleep at such low temperatures. The beds you are covered by skins and polar sleeping bags.

Throughout history this region has been characterized by its great attraction of tourists, approximately in the 70s, was an area where tourism activities were carried out in summer is rafting or river fishing. In the months of the year when it got dark and it was much colder, the inhabitants of the town or village took the time to hibernate, why the tourists were scarce or nonexistent.

The first ice hotel building dates back to the 80s, where a hotel was built in miniature, or itself, an igloo of 60 sqm. Thereafter the abundance of tourists who visit in winter became increasingly common, attracted by the environment, the landscape of snow and experience and opportunity to experience something extraordinary and original as sleep in an ice hotel. Today, tourists tend to travel to places that were not as prominent in the past, and also tend to look for originality, as the example of sleeping in an ice hotel and get some sleep seven degrees. This region of Sweden is one of the areas with greatest confluence of tourists within the country, through the story recounts 400 years, in which a statistic where an average of one thousand tourists received about maintaining stays all parts of the world, intending to enjoy that so strange tradition and the wonderful auroras and the midnight sun that can be seen through the snow and other gifts of nature.


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