The Caribbean is recovering from overfishing

The rapid increase in population in some regions of the planet has led to a great demand for food and this in turn has increased the activities of fishing operations in all oceans with the intent to meet the increasingly high demand for food, and generating serious environmental damage in strategic areas of reproduction of many marine populations, as in the case of coastal areas where large tracts of coral are presented. This on influenced by the high demand for food from the sea fishing is very high, substantially decreased the marine fauna, unbalancing these ecosystems throughout the twentieth century and much of the XXI century.
A voice of encouragement for our planet rises of recent reports presented after a study by the “Wildlife Conservation Society” WCS, where an increase is evident in the populations of marine corals, lobsters and fish; In protected areas of Belize, the Caribbean and other regions.

fishermen-880801_960_720The study revealed that fish communities exploited by overfishing in the protection zones have a rapid recovery, which can vary over a period of 1 year to 6 years. This shows that the fishing regulation, the provision of protected strategic areas for the reproduction of fish communities fishing and good fishing practices; They can repopulate our marine ecosystems.

The study has simultaneously promoted worldwide use protected as preserves reproducing fish communities fishing areas, balancing greatly marine ecosystems, especially those in the Caribbean region, which were severely threatened by overfishing.


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