12 models that are redefining the concept of beauty

Beauty is defined as a set of parameters and social norms that ledan certain physical individuals who profess characteristics for these reasons can look great variability in the beauty around the world since many people will have different parameters and customs but at the same time we look this comes together in some basic aspects such as physical measures and form of locomotion of people. Today, many models have chosen to be different and redefine the parameters of beauty.
The following photographs we will look at a list of 12 models that have very different concepts in terms of aesthetics and beauty.

1. Lia T.


Lea T is a model transgender was discovered by Givenchy in 2010. From that moment Lea starred in several fashion editorials in various magazines and walked many catwalks. In 2014 he became the face of Redken, becoming the first transgender person to be the face of a global brand of makeups.

2. Denise Bidot.

Denise was in 2014 the first plus-size model to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week.

He also appeared in campaigns Target, Forever 21, Macy’s, Nordstrom and spokeswoman for “CURVES” a campaign of photographer Victoria Janashvili to start a conversation about acceptance and a positive view of our bodies. “There is no wrong way to be a woman,” he told Variety Denise Latino.

3. Rain Dove.


Rain Dove is an androgynous lesbian model has no problems in modeling clothes for both men and women and sees her career as a form of activism:
“I think it’s a different kind of activism. Women should not get into male roles to feel empowered. They should be able to create their own role. So that’s what I try to bring, we should not think of menswear or clothing women should be clothes for people. “

4. Winnie Harlow. 

Winnie Harlow (or Chantelle Brown-Young) is a model of 19 years has vitiligo, a chronic disease that causes loss of color in certain areas of the skin.

In 2011, after being bullied most of his life, he posted a video in which he spoke honestly of the disease – that earned him a stake in America’s Next Top Model. Now is the face of a campaign by Diesel and walks walkways around the world.

“The only person who can make you feel that you’re not you’re very cute,” he said.

5. Myla Dalbesio.

Myla became known after a campaign of Calvin Klein in which it appears as the only model size 10, surrounded by models of 0.


The other detail that campaign was that this time the brand had not made her appear in a separate notice nor had signaled its presence in some special way but they had chosen to participate as a (yes, unfortunately treat a girl with a couple of kilos “more” as if normal is still new in the world of fashion) :

“I’m in the middle. I’m not skinny enough to be among the skinny or large enough to be with the older girls, and I could not find my place. Make this campaign was very good.”

6.  Jillian Market. 

Jillian has muscular atrophy and walk in a wheelchair, but that does not stop when being chosen as the face of campaigns for brands like Diesel or Nordstrom.

“We need to stop looking for guidance on how to be cute, because we can be our own compasses.”

7. Andreja Pejic. 

Andreja Pejic. 

Andrej until 2014 (that is his birth name) was defined as an androgynous model that lived between genders. Later he decided to live as a transgender woman and changed its name to Andreja.

The Australian broke the mold appearing on catwalks for brands such as Jean-Paul Gaultier dressed both man and woman.

8. Jamie Brewer. 

Jamie Brewer.

Jamie is a 30-year-old actress recently appeared in the American Horror Story series and broke a record as the first model with Down syndrome to walk the catwalk at New York Fashion Week.

“Young women look at me and say ‘Hey, if she can do that, too.” It is very inspiring to be a role model for any young and encourage them to be who they are and show who are women. “

Jamie Brewer.

9.  Elliott Sanders.

Elliott is a model that used to participate in beauty contests, but only decided to take modeling menswear. Unlike Read or Andreja, she does not feel that he was born in the wrong body, you do not feel transgender. His decision is based on the fact that racing male models are longer, because they are not as pressured to not age as models of women’s clothing.

10. Robyn Lawley.

Robyn Lawley is considered by the fashion industry as a model of large sizes. But she prefers simply defined as a “model” to help the fashion world stop segregating people who do not have what they consider the “ideal weight.”

Robyn Lawley.

It has been the face of various magazines I have even created their own brand of clothes of all sizes, to encourage other brands to be encouraged to make clothes for different body types: “Why are we so obsessed with the girls entering the clothing and not the clothes you among the girls? “.

11. Jane Willoughby.

Canada is one of the few models descendants of native populations in the fashion industry, a situation which, it claims, can be complicated at times: “I do not fall into any category (…) and that can be difficult sometimes” .

12. Carmen Dell’Orefice.

Carmen appeared at 83 on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. It is considered the oldest model – works from 15 years old in which she appeared in Vogue for the first time. It can be seen in the campaigns Rolex, Target, and in the pages of Vogue, W and Harper’s Bazaar.

Carmen Dell’Orefice.

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