Photo credict: VOA

The heavy fighting for control of Manbij and civilians continue to flee the city of Aleppo in Syria for fear of losing life

Continuing heavy fighting between members of the terrorist group the Islamic state and coalition forces in the city of Manbij on the outskirts of Aleppo, a key position for terrorists so resist against attacks by the coalition; Meanwhile the Syrian government forces opened a humanitarian corridor to evacuate the population living in the city of Aleppo with shortages of food, medical and health supplements.

As reported by the state Syrian media, this supply crisis has generated a humanitarian calamity in which civilians are suffering in the midst of a city under siege by Syrian government forces.

The army surrounded the city for weeks and conducted intense bombardments to weaken members of the terrorist group the Islamic State, preventing the entry of some vehicles and supply, which generated this tragic humanitarian calamity.

Some humanitarian organizations in Syria as the UN have asked the Syrian government to allow them to keep open routes to the city to enter aid and supplies to the civilian population, which hovers around 300,000 inhabitants and urgently required supplies food, some doctors and health supplements.


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