The huge tropical gardens Bay Singapore

It is no secret the rapid rise and subsequent development of Singapore, becoming one of the world’s countries with the highest living standards of the population.
Upon meeting is inevitable to note that Singapore is an island country, which has put innovation and development at the service of people thanks to the excellent and increasingly strong economy that the country possesses. Worldwide it is already known as an example to follow both its successful economic policies, such as technological innovation and care for the environment, so much so that some of the state’s policies have been based on building friendly buildings with the natural environment and theme parks in reference to nature, as in the case of the giant garden in the bay.
The fantastic and amazing Bay Gardens Singapore, is a theme park located in the Central region of the country, near the Bay of Singapore, which has at least 101 ha. of land they were reclaimed from the sea. It consists of three landscaped margins: Central, East and South latter being the largest with 54 ha. The unique aspect of the garden is a “city within a garden”. According to the parameters and conditions that this was built, it sought to “improve the quality of life with the flora and fauna” of the city.

garden-by-the-bay-503916_960_720The tropical garden of the bay as it is often known is relatively formed by huge glazed nurseries, large heated tropical style gardens, the Mediterranean, and one of the icons of the gardens, the supertrees, forming a kind of forest giants. The supertrees are huge structures that support vertical gardens with up to 30 meters high, which also produce energy, and collect water.
The mega work is a wonder of the country and one of the icons of development and innovation of facing up to the challenges that the environment gets you so many is a simple reference to the country’s wealth for others is another way to attract the growing tourist society in the Asian region and for many others is a manifestation of human development and a healthy coexistence with the environment, even if it is an artificial imitation.


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