The Dukono a daily threat on the Indonesian island of Maluku North

North of the island of Halmahera in Indonesia, the Dokono, an active volcano that sometimes spreads ash and steam is located.

Dukono volcano on the Indonesian island – Planet labs inc

For many people living on an island whose center is an active volcano is like living day to day with a latent threat, but for others it is already a matter of habit, because they were born and grew up here getting used to the vagaries of the giant, the Dukono volcano; This large volcano has a wide profile and is composed of a summit craters.

Hysterically major eruptions have been reported as the major eruption in 1550, where a full flow washes the strait between Halmahera and north of Mount Mamuya. For many this eruption was a great threat which is categorized as a 3 IEV scale eruption. deaths were reported, but the number is unknown. small eruptions also occurred in 1719, 1868 and 1901. Since 1933, it has been in continuous eruption to the present, so many people already feel accustomed to the threats of the giant ash emissions, the Dukono volcano.


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