Syria is one of the most visible signs of the loss of our humanity from the problems posed by economic interests and the planet geoextrategicos

Our humanity is a set of customs, feelings and endogenous human standards, which identifies and unlike the rest of the other species that inhabit the planet (Earth).

Syrian soldier in Damascus during the rebel offensive. (E. Arrott/VOA)

The loss of our humanity can be defined as a decline in the social and natural balance of our civilization. Many relevant facts today show rapid social and natural decline on our planet. The wars in the East based on the control of oil resources, the fight for the strategic positions of nuclear weapons, wars in Africa for control of mineral resources and corruption globally; They show that we are really losing our humanity.
Syria, a great country, a country with a rich history, which can teach our humanity values about the history of ancient civilizations; He is currently in the middle of a devastated based on oil and strategic interests in the region conflict. We may think at times that this conflict is generated by religious ideology proclaimed by the “EL”, but generally arrive at the same time to the conclusion that apart from the religious ideology the undercurrents of conflict are marked from the outset by the interest of some corporations oil from the royal and on the other hand hatred fueled by this fact in the inhabitants of the region to lose control of their wealth, which is the vital source which extremist groups like the Islamic State prey to feed their ideology while recruiting new members for terrorist organizations.

1280px-Temple_of_Bel,_Palmyra_15Syria has great historical works, values and wealth of our humanity, as is the ancient city of Palmyra, which is seriously affected by the conflict. This devastated country is more than an example of the inherent loss of our humanity, of our civilization face the challenges presented by our interests. Syria can be for now the center of attention by the gravity of the humanitarian situation right now and stand as the most visible example of the decline in the preservation of endogenous values of our society, such as respect for life and the right to develop in an area without fear and freely.What could we do as individuals? It is difficult for a person move the global social whole of our planet, which we call humanity, but it is possible that through our actions we show an example to follow in terms of the social values of our humanity, so that other people around the world to follow and to give an opportunity to our world, to our humanity.

Credit: Human Journal


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