It is a sovereign island country in Asia, consists of sixty three islands, which form of government is a parliamentary republic.

The skyline of Singapore.

Its territory is divided into five community development councils. Its capital is the city of Singapore, so Singapore is considered a city-state. It is located south of Johor state on the Malaysian peninsula and north of the Riau islands of Indonesia, separated from these by the Singapore Strait, it is the smallest country in Southeast Asia. Its territory has grown steadily with land reclaimed from the sea.
Modern Singapore was founded in 1819 by Stamford Raffles as a British trading post of the East India Company with permission from the Sultanate of Johor. Britain gained sovereignty over the island in 1824 and this became one of the British Colonies Strait in 1826. Occupied by the Japanese during World War II, Singapore declared its independence from Britain in 1963 as part of Malaysia, from which he separated two years later. Since then the city-state has prospered rapidly and has earned the distinction of being one of the four Asian tigers.
It is one of the major global cities and one of the powerhouses of world trade, with the third largest financial center and the second port moves more goods. Its global and diversified economy depends especially trade and manufacturing. Singapore is the third highest per capita income in the world, besides being among the first countries in international lists of education, health, political transparency and economic competitiveness.




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