Nudity on the streets of Cleveland (Ohio): A form of art or civil protest against Speeches Republican candidate Donald Trump

Avanzas candidates to the White House and scandals do not stop this see was the responsibility of 100 women who stripped in protest against the candidacy of Donald Trump for President US by the Republican Party.

Last Sunday a large number of women decided to show the public naked in a protest against the proposals and ideology that feeds the current candidate for the White House by the United States, Donald Trump. The incident occurred in Cleveland (Ohio) as part of an art project photographer Spencer Tunick, known for his pictures of naked crowds.
The participants in the action were posing with big mirrors, representing the idea that women reflect “mother nature”, according to IBT. Photographed thus they expressed their opposition to Trump, infuriated by its pronounced discriminatory comments during the election campaign, directed against women and minorities.

The artistic expression with political objectives was conducted in a peaceful manner without causing discomfort in the community reports the website: Cleveland, where it was published and managed the project.


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