The sophistication in the development of construction projects reached by the ancient cultures that inhabited the Cusco in Peru



Contemporary architecture and engineering of our times show us the possibilities of the future knowledge of the structures to be built on our planet, as also shown us through meticulous studies the possibility of completing a project on time and space. The great works that rise annually in the United Arab Emirates over the desert sand and skyscrapers in larger cities like Tokyo city (Japan) are the product of planning, organization and implementation of ideas arising in minds of great architects and engineers, these works demonstrate our progress in the construction of monuments on our planet, but also show amid a thorough comparison, the great progress made by the Incas villages in the high mountains of Peru .


The peoples who inhabited the region of Cusco in Peru were masters of architecture and engineering, they built great works on a steep and rocky geography; These people used administrative principles in conducting a contemporary project in a special way, such as planning, organization, management and control. The materials required for the construction of these works in many cases were transferred from other distant places in a geography that involves dealing with rivers and rugged mountains; The move these materials also required a good number of staff, which should be organized and directed in the right way to comply fully with the construction of these impressive works, which can denote that these people had sophisticated knowledge administration of large civil works projects.

The tools found today in the construction of major projects involving the use of large machines that help streamline tasks in the timeline to project managers, facilitating the work of the workers and cutting delivery times. But how could the cultures of Cuzco build great works on rugged mountains? It’s really a big secret! Which it is closely linked to the great knowledge that these cultures possessed the lands of Cuzco in Peru.

Remember. Knowledge of our planet is vital to the preservation of life on earth, loves life and takes care of it, we are all part of this planet.

RF: Planet of conservation


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