Video: JCB excavators double duty lifting concrete in a narrow street closed

Without nduda the machines provide us things to humanity, especially the so-called backhoes.

The smallest of the range is the 1CX backhoe. With only 1.4 meters wide and the ability to rotate on its own axis thanks to the design of the charger, you can work in virtually any environment. It also includes a universal quick coupler and total lateral displacement.

The 2CX, one of the smaller JCB backhoes, has four-wheel steering for excellent maneuverability and our Extradig swing, offering excellent performance of the backhoe. Cabin or ceilings ROPS / FOPS can improve safety and comfort, thanks to the wide variety of accessories 2CX is extremely versatile. The two largest models ours, JCB 3CX Eco and JCB 4CX Eco range are the two most efficient backhoes in the world for typical work cycles. The converter achieved savings automatic fuel shut up 25% on the road, and our EcoDig, EcoLoad and EcoRoad systems are designed to help you save even more.

These qualities certainly showing us that this machine in spite of its size is an indispensable tool and far superior qualities than others on the market.


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