What is the higgs boson or higgs particle?


It is known as an elementary particle proposed in the standard model, by which the Higgs field is quantized and he seeks an explanation to the origin of mass of elementary particles.

The Higgs boson is so named because the researcher Peter Higgs, who proposed along with other researchers of physics “Higgs mechanism”. Through this proposal the possibility now found as the origin of mass of elementary particles arose.

 The proposed by Peter Higgs model and other researchers explain the existence of this particle which is very unstable and difficult to determine because it has no electric charge and heat, which is rapidly disintegrates over a period of time which may be in the miltrillonésima of a second (10-21 s) a zeptosegundo.

The existence of the origin of matter in the elementary particles suggests that a field permeates all of space, and that elementary particles that interact with it acquire mass, while not interact with him, do not. In particular, this mechanism justifies the enormous mass of the vector bosons W and Z, as well as the absence of mass of the photon.


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