Video: Magic and incredible display of Panama Canal Museum

The Museum of the Panama Canal was built to store data and historical references of the construction of the Interoceanic Canal of Panama, a work that certainly is engraved in the heart of the Panamanians and the world to open gaps economic and cultural integration of the world .

The major exhibition tells the story of a heroic feat and great men who gave their lives to give the world a gap that would unite the two oceans (Pacific and Atlantic Ocean). There were many efforts at that time to tame the rainforest inhabited by malaria, yellow fever and poisonous snakes; These efforts are reflected in the representation of workers Caribbean, Central and engineers, first French and then American.
The works exhibited at the Interoceanic Canal Museum of Panama have more than a simple story what was experienced and the great events arising until the opening of the channel. Locomotives transporting the excavated material, large dredgers molded and shaped the causes as chagres and locks built to make the game the water drop which allows you to climb up and down incoming ships from one ocean to go to other.
Something quite striking is the display of the rock, the rock from underground and more argillaceous rock; All these demonstrations are part of a legacy of history and sacrifice made by thousands of men who cast their forces at the service of a vision that was born many centuries later when the Spaniards visited the Isthmus of Panama for the first time.


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