Video: Lifting sequence of a ship and passage through the Miraflores Locks

The set of three locks in the Panama Canal allow passage large vessels through the use of water as a lifting mechanism.

The two-stage system in Miraflores, and one of a stage in Pedro Miguel, raise the water level from the Pacific to Gatun Lake; and a triple system in Gatun lowers the level from the lake to the Atlantic side; Allowing the passage to craft this way. The three systems are matched locks; that is, there are two parallel paths of locks in each of the three sites of the lock. The lock chambers are 33.53 meters (110 feet) wide and 320 meters (1050 feet) long, with an effective length of 304.8 meters (1000 feet).

Through play the slope we get the amazing feat of delivering a boat from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. Magical and exciting process that we can see in the video that is on top of the letter.


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