The sea level rises in Greenland and alarm the scientific community

Laurence Smith, president of geography at the University of California, Los Angeles, displays a drift boat autonomous equipped with various sensors in a river of meltwater on the surface of the Greenland ice sheet. – Credit: Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA / Jefferson Beck

Global warming and its effects on the environment are constantly disturbs the scientific community and now society in general, its serious impact on the environment and therefore in human societies is the greatest challenge that affront the homsbre in this times.

The gradual rise of the oceans glaciers is a concern in the scientific community, which is extended with the latest findings discovered in 2015 in Greenland. The melting and continuous increase in the sea level in this region is very worrying, in addition to these effects than the naked eye can discern that come from heating the average temperature of the planet from global warming, we found the continuous emergence of rivers of water sweet that appear every day continuously draining the melt water and pouring it into the sea around Greenland.

The continuing rise in sea level in Greenland is quite worrying because this greatly threatens the habitat of many species of birds and other animals endemic to this region. This continuous substantial increase Greenlandic sea level is largely fueled by the continuous drainage of rivers formed by water from the melting Greenland.

Despite the great concern generated by this phenomenon by the serious consequences on ecosystems Greenland and rising oceans that this can generate, is not a sought tools or effective measures to stop this ecological disaster as it is part of a great evil that afflicts our planet (earth) and is global warming. It should be noted that studies by agencies of the climate and the environment give notice of this tragedy and search tools can help to combat this environmental and social problem.


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