The giant two stars – discovered a giant planet with two suns


The Kepler-1647b, the largest planet known to today reports the Agency of American Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), with an average distance of 3,700 light years from the constellation Cygnus. Its average distance from its star keeps houses the possibility that life may exist or have spaces and environmental conditions where life can develop.

The giant circumbinary planet is gaseous in nature as it is jupiter. It has an age about 4,400 million years, almost the same age as the Earth. And circumstellar transit orbit which takes 1,107 days to complete an orbit around its two suns.

This great discovery took place thanks to the Kepler space telescope, for which they were analyzed and compiled data from these two stars in which orbits the giant circumbinary planet, determining that one of them is greater than our star (the Sun) and the other it is a little smaller.


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