Tarantula venom a dangerous dose and help us treat Alzheimer’s


Tarantulas are the largest spiders so far discovered by the scientific community. The name comes from Tarentola Italian and refers to the city of Taranto in Puglia, southern Italian region where they usually find a dry Mediterranean climate, which it is an ideal habitat for Lycosa tarantula; As it found in abundance in this region. Tarantulas comprise barias families like the licósidos (Lycosidae) in Europe and American families Theraphosidae and Dipluridae. Some of these families have the ability to cause damage to some people you record on the skin through the expulsion of some body hairs of this.

US researchers recently revealed that while these may help treat Alzheimer’s through possessing poisonous toxin in your body, to activate nerve pain fibers. This discovery opens the door for research is conducted in the treatment of Alzheimer therapies therapies for disorders of the central nervous system. Scientists after some tests ensured that the venom of the tarantula ‘Heteroscodra maculata’ inoculated in mice operates the subtype called Nav 1.1 sodium channels voltage-gated, which are driving nerve pain fibers.

This discovery especially wide the possibility of treating diseases and disorders from the central nervous system, especially opening the door for possible treatment of Alzheimer’s.


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