SAD NEWS – will nullify the first mammalian species CLIMATE CHANGE

As not worry facing the latent threat to the existence of life on our planet, we and each of the species with which we share habitat on this planet are in imminent danger of being extinguished forever if we do not act together as beings humans for the defense and protection of our habitat.

Melomys Melomys rubicola. En 2016 se declaró  oficialmente extinguida en Bramble Cay, donde había sido endémica, y probablemente también a nivel mundial extinguido, con la pérdida de hábitat debido al cambio climático es la causa raíz.

Climate change is officially claimed its first victim in a long line in which to humans are included. The newly extinct species is an endemic animal that lived on a tiny island north of Australia. Australian biologists have announced that the “Melomys rubicola”, a species of rodent, was the first mammal to disappear in the world due to climate change caused by global warming brought about by humans.

The rapid rise of water level has flooded the island multiple times, generating a gradual decline in the population of these animals through recent periods. In just a decade, between 2004 and 2014, the habitat of Melomys rubicola decreased by 97%, from 2.2 to 0.065 hectares. The rising waters and habitat decline was largely the factors that generated this ecological disaster, extinction of a living being of our planet (Earth). The population dwindled by these conditions imposed on them by the altered environment. In 2009 he last saw the animal in Bramble Cay. Researchers have concluded that they are the first victims of global warming among mammals.

It is a sad and alarming news for the scientific community and society at large because each time a species is removed from the long list of extermination that have global warming, we can say that we run more risk because we get closer to our turn.


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