Peace in the southern hemisphere: The Government of Colombia and the FARC announced a landmark agreement for ceasefire

A conflict dyed red a beautiful country finally comes to the long-awaited peace after intense discussions by delegates of the Colombian state and the FARC revolutionary group.

This June 22, a day that will remain in the minds of many Colombians and the international community, members of the presidential cabinet of Colombia commented on the ceasefire and the surrender of weapons by parts of the FARC, as well as on the mechanisms that the Colombian government used to protect the lives of people who will come to civilian life.

The agreement establishes a plan for the location of guerrilla fighters in agreed areas and abandonment of weapons under the supervision of the UN.

The official points on the historic agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC will be announced to civil society Wednesday in Havana (Cuba) and the signing of bilateral and termination will be held Thursday. The event was attended by Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, President Juan Manuel Santos, the top FARC leader Rodrigo Londoño, alias ‘Timoshenko’, and delegates from the guarantor countries and mediators of the process.

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet announced Wednesday he will travel to Cuba to be present at the historic agreement that will end the bloodbath that for more than 50 years dyed red surface Andean country. This agreement the Colombian government and the FARC opened with solid foundations the path of reconciliation and prosperity in Colombia. Colombia will not be as it has been in recent years by conflict, it is rumored within the country, now the population is waiting on the new social conditions and increased investments in areas such as education, health and safety. This will significantly improve these conditions rumored many people within civil society.


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