Osiris-Rex ready to launch an Asteroid

OSIRIS-REx Uncrating
OSIRIS-REx uncrating at the PHSF.

The study of the solar system is of vital importance for the Agency Aeronautics and American Space “NASA”, its origins and process information are their main goal, which this time has launched landing a spacecraft on an asteroid to take a sample of which sent to earth with the ship return.
“OSIRIS-REx” as it calls the spacecraft from NASA, which will have the difficult and importation mission was presented on May 21, 2016 in payload facilities Hazardous Services at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida , after traveling from Lockheed Martin facility near Denver, Colorado.
The mission to conduct Osiris-Rex spend a year flying very near Bennu, which will allow you to obtain images with five (5) instruments imaging, and conduct studies of their shape and flatness of their chemical and physical properties. After these studies “Osiris-Rex” take a sample for 2020 and return to planet earth for 2023 with the pristine sample of at least two ounces of material from the asteroid’s surface.
All of these studies in order to discover the origin of our solar system and the possibility of finding organic material and water on the surface of this, confirming the theory of the origin of the asteroid trip water on earth.


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