London Array – El Mayor campo de Turbinas Eólicas marinas del Mundo

Field of offshore wind turbines – Planet labs inc.

Clean energy is a very important factor that is taking much force in our society. The severe effects of global warming and the concern for future damages presented today becoming aware of our humanity to change its way of producing and consuming planetary resources.

London Array is one of the great examples of this change in our society. A project on a large offshore wind farm located in the UK to be built in the waters of the River Thames estuary in the North Sea. The project is at least approximately 341 turbines with a capacity of between 3 and 7 MW each.
The large wind farm “London Array” was built in an area with an extension of at least 20 km, so it is considered as the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Inaugurated on July 4, 2014, by E.ON UK companies based in Coventry, UK, for the DONG Energy based in Fredericia, Denmark and Masdar based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates dazzles the world for their energy capacities and their contribution to environmental care.
Projects like this are made all the difference on our planet as it generates very little damage to the environment and reduce carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere.


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