Giant felines in Patagonia: Hallan traces of a prehistoric tiger in Argentina

Group of Argentine researchers found traces of a prehistoric cat never seen before in this region. Large traces of prehistoric feline paws were preserved from approximately 50,000 years ago.


In the province of Buenos Aires they were first discovered traces of the cat. The Municipal Museum hiso the announcement of the discovery of traces of what appears to be a saber-toothed tiger. The discovery came on the beach, fishing pier near the city. According to the study published in the ‘Days of Paleontology Vetebrados Argentinas’, traces of the front and rear paws they were kept in a very fine-grained sediment which helped its preservation.

The saber-toothed cats were an extinct group of species of mammals endowed huge canines that lived during different periods of the Cenozoic. This type of canine had not been found in this region of the Americas. Scientists say that the prints belong to Smilodon Populator, which is so far the largest of the three known species of this genus that are 20% higher than those of a Bengal tiger.

The broad discovery more information we have about the biological history of life on our planet and variability of different species in different geographical areas of the planet earth.

Love life and take care of it, we are all part of this planet.


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