CERN confirms the existence of the Higgs Boson

More than a theory now is the existence of the Higgs boson a more palpable reality.

CMS Higgs boson decays to four muons – CERN

The CERN, commonly known by the acronym CERN, spoke to an audience with a lot of assistants in the field of research, to confirm the discovery of the particle that completes the Standard Model of physics.

At the convention on the announcement of the new particle called “Higgs Boson” existed great personalities including Peter Higgs was, who is the father of this theory is now more than a theory a reality in physics.

The CERN is the largest research laboratory in particle physics in the world. As for his statement noteworthy that already have the evidence and the elements needed to confirm the relationship of this particle with the other elementary particles is very important in the development of physical and potentiates more research CERN in the field of nuclear energy and the development of matter from research with elementary particles such as the Higgs boson.


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