A magical natural phenomenon that dazzles the human mind


No doubt his sudden appearance and its immense beauty make it a magical and surreal phenomenon.

Auroral are a magical and beautiful natural spectacle as brightness or luminescence that appears in the night sky, usually in polar areas, although it can occur in other parts of the world for short periods. His name “Aurora” comes from the Roman goddess of dawn, called Aurora. In the southern hemisphere it is known as aurora australis, and in the northern hemisphere as aurora borealis. This magical and beautiful natural phenomenon in Europe commonly appears on the horizon with a reddish hue as if the sun emerged from an unusual direction. The most frequent periods when this phenomenon occurs, comprise between September and March in the northern hemisphere (aurora borealis) and between March and September in the southern hemisphere (aurora australis).

The origins of this natural phenomenon are in a solar mass ejection hitting the Earth magnetosphere. This energy generated is stored in the hemisphere of the earth that is in night stage, where are the other magnetic field lines; This stored energy is triggered in the form of electromagnetic radiations on the earth’s ionosphere, creative mainly luminescence of such effects. This natural phenomenon (Aurora) has forms, structures and very different colors also change rapidly with time. Overnight, the aurora can start as a very long bow isolated that is spreading on the horizon, generally east-west. Around midnight the arc can start increasing its brightness, can form waves or curls along the arc and vertical structures that look like rays of light very elongated and thin.

Thanks to observations with the Hubble telescope, we can know clearly that this natural phenomenon also occurs on other planets and satellites within the solar system, such as Jupiter and Saturn, which possess stronger than the Earth’s magnetic fields. Uranus and Neptune is also presented as these also have magnetic fields and both have large radiation belts.

Auroras are often essential to share our sky watching with family, friends and relatives space.


One thought on “A magical natural phenomenon that dazzles the human mind

  1. After two decades of living in Northern Alaska I know I will miss my almost constant night time companion the Aurora… one indeed must experience it live to fully appreciate the majesty of it!

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