8 – Meet some of the world strange diseases that affect humans


Around the world there are medical anomalies affecting the human body, some of which are recognized as hereditary diseases and some environmental agents transmitted. According to the World Health Organization, it is considered rare to one that affects only a limited number of people worldwide disease.

Around the world it is estimated that there are between 5 and 8 million illnesses considered rare and all different from each other, their effects and damage caused to individuals. Here we present some of the medical anomalies affecting the human body:

Progeria: It is a genetic problem that affects the child from the moment of birth. They are known as children of 80 years or grandparents children. The estimated proportion of those affected is one in 7 million.
Moebius syndrome: People with this, do not blink, drool, can not smile or make facial gestures and in extreme cases it hard to swallow.
Elephantiasis: Experts still can not figure out exactly what causes this strange deformation. It may result from persistent inflammatory diseases or parasites of warm countries.
Argyria: This condition has the particularity to change the color of the skin and other organs affected. Taking the color is gray to bluish gray.
Blaschko lines: It is believed to be a type of genetic mosaic and can be seen in both humans and animals such as cats or dogs.
Marfan syndrome: Its characteristic is the increase in length of members excessively to cause deformation in many cases.
Nertherton syndrome: Better known as the syndrome of red children because those who suffer tend to be very fragile and reddish skin.
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP): This disease is hereditary and means ossification of muscles.
These diseases usually affect a small part of human society, which is seen as an anomaly in the person who suffers because no information concerning their origin, some effects and possible ways to address them.


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