2 mysteries revealed by a NASA study on Wobbling Earth

The earth does not always turn on an axis running through its poles. Instead, it wobbles erratically in time, drifting towards North America during most of the 20th century (green arrow). That address has changed dramatically due to changes in the body of water on Earth. – Credits: NASA / JPL-Caltech

The earth is always seen in the popular word as a rounded sphere that rotates on the same axis around a star (Sun) within a system which is called “solar system”, but recently a study by the Agency for Aviation and Space Administration (NASA) has discovered something surprising. The collection of data obtained from satellite observation and study of the interaction of water around our planet (Earth), allowed a group of NASA scientists solve two (2) great mysteries on the path followed by the land its rotation around the sun. These two great mysteries revealed aid in the understanding of climate and its effects in the past and now present on our planet, as can also help in the destruction of some climatic factors or future events.

Studies and tests thrown by direct observation from satellites show that the planet (Earth) teeters on the track rotation in its orbit within the solar system. The axis of rotation of the Earth slowly moves around the poles, the farther it has traveled was 12 m (37 feet) since observations began in terms of negative effects on our society are not reflected in any harm but these oscillations should be considered for accurate results global positioning GPS or Glonass. Another of the great mysteries revealed by this study is the effect of water movement on the planet, this movement contributes to the oscillations of the rotation of the Earth. When watering water inside a sphere and set it in motion we can see this effect as the water within it sometimes exerts a kind of waves of force that can move in rotary circles.

In general also part of these two major factors recently discovered through this study generates a more direct global warming. In parts increasing temperature generates more planet disturbance in the water which generates a greater force that can have a more direct way on the planet.


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