The true color of Central America

A flower garden in a small park in the middle of the highway – Image credit: Wilber Andrades Obregon

When we talk about Central America often we think of poverty, inequality and large human migrations, but when we visited this region and look biodiversity, cultural and ethnic diversity among the small towns, we tell us that we were wrong and that our thoughts were erroneous as we found something very different.
Central America is a land of great contrasts between human effort to get ahead and take nature by sunlight. A great example of this is the city of San Jose in Costa Rica, he has despite its size is a city where the true colors of Central America, the color of life, the color of human effort and concrete color contrasted. When walking the streets of the city of San Jose we can be found in every corner of the struggle between life and concrete.

Colorful front of a small avenue House – Image credit: Wilber Andrades Obregon.

Another great contrasts of Central America are its full colorful urban buildings. A few steps from downtown San Jose and found an example of color and culture a picturesque common house which passes very unnoticed by the residents of this city and also by visitors.

In the picture we can see how some people in laboras walk to their work schedules spending a little devoid of color and magic of this small house. Some have already been accustomed to magic and shiny color, others just pass without noticing.                                                                               dsc_0048.jpg

Under bridges we can find colorful figures that adorn the city from its foundations. Color, strange figures and an air of freshness in the most hidden places of the city can be found, is a wealth of culture and biodiversity, an emporium of beauty contrasted by the air of life and culture.

Central America in general is full of life and culture, it is a magical and amazing place which color and biodiversity are the main witnesses.

Love life and care of green spaces in cities is vital for the survival of our human species on earth.


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