The exploration robot on Mars NASA “Mars Rover Curiosity” reaches a region with large sand dunes very similar to those of terrestrial deserts

dunas marts 2.png
La superficie ondulada de dunaS de arena en Marte – Cámara de mástil en rover Curiosity de la NASA. Este sitio es parte del campo “Bagnold dunas” de oscuras dunas activas a lo largo del flanco noroeste del monte de Sharp. – Créditos: NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

The similarities found in the Martian surface (on Mars) with the geographical features of the land are very large.

New research has the end of the year 2,015 led to exploration robot NASA “Mars Rover Curiosity” for a region where the Martian geography has large sand dunes, as well as large terrestrial deserts, this region is full of great undulations which can reach two (2) stories high.

The large dune field is located in a region called “Bagnold Dunes,” which is part northwest of Mount Sharp inside Gale Crater. This region is one of the great advances that research has Martian planet as terrestrial regions there are also large sand dunes. The robot take samples for laboratory analysis instruments along with investigations into the discovery of possible fossil organisms micros or living in the Martian planet.

In the picture we can see the big dunes of sand dunes very similar to that present some land regions such as in the desert of Namibia and the Utah desert park in the United States.

Knowing the Martian geography and investigate the possible organic life is a breakthrough for the human species because it offers us the possibility of extending our civilization in space.
Love life and take care of it, we are all part of this planet.


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