South Africa is committed to solar energy to help the planet by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and combat climate change

Espejos de luz para producir energía – Planet labs . ing

Solar energy for a sustainable world.

Concern about the serious effects of climate change on our planet is leading many nations has focused its efforts on friendly projects environment. Some countries have built energy networks that are largely dependent on solar energy, wind energy and energy extracted from large hydro.

In South Africa they are making great strides in the fight against climate change triggered by large emissions of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Energy projects being built in the country are a great demonstration of this great effort being made by the African country, some of these energy projects energy extracted from a natural source, like the sun.

The project khi power plant is a great example that demonstrates this country’s fight against global warming. More than 4,000 mirrors capture light mapping it to a central boiler overheating and producing steam at a maximum operating temperature of 530 ° Celsius, producing clean energy and friendly to the environment. The mega power project is located in the province of Northern Cape which provides power to industry and the population.

Utilize the resources that the environment offers us contributes to the fight against global warming, which threatens the existence of life on our planet.


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