Kure Atoll: The northernmost ocean coral island in the world


Ocean coral islands or atalones are havens for marine life and places where birds are resting and nesting sites. They are conducive to the protection of life places.

The Kure Atoll is part of the Leeward Islands of Hawaii. It is located on the west end of the archipelago, 91 km west of Midway. Its coordinates are: 28 ° 25’N 178 ° 20’W. Kure is the northernmost atoll in the world. It is close called “Darwin point”, the latitude where the growth of coral reefs is equal to the forces that cause erosion. It has an almost circular shape 10 km in diameter. The maximum altitude is 6.1 meters. There are only two significant south reef islets, Green Island and Sand Island, forming a total area of 0.86 square kilometers.
The name was given Kure has this Atalon by Russian captain Kure, who discovered it in 1827, with the boat Moller. The historical records of this coral island is full of shipwrecks and rescues. A well-remembered shipwreck occurred in 1837, Captain Brown with Gledstanes shipwrecked English ship in these waters. For five months they survived on the islet Green. With the wreck built a boat that arrived in Honolulu where the British consul organized the rescue. In 1843 the same story was repeated with the American whaler Parker. In 1870 the American expedition of the USS Saginaw, who had gone to the Midway atoll, decided to explore Kure in case he found a castaway. the engine broke down and stamped on the reefs. Five volunteers made the boat trip to Kauai, but went so exhausted that turned on the beach and only one survived.
The last coral island or better known as the Atalon Kure has had human intervention. In 1886 King Kalakaua took in possession by the Kingdom of Hawaii with the name of Moku Papapa. They built a shelter with provisions for possible survivors. During World War II a military base and a radio transmission station was built for navigation, but still continues its limitations for man generated by its geographical position and a place with a rich biodiversity.
As the northernmost coral island of the planet is also a haven for marine life, its distance from the people has helped preserve a rich biodiversity that can be affected with the severe effects that climate change is producing.

Environmental protection and places that have been preserved because of its geographical position is a strategy that will help the man in the preservation of life on earth.



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