Universal floods on Mars – Tsunamis devastated much of the Martian surface of the red planet

                                                                                                                                    ESO/M. Kornmesser

One of the great intrigues of the scientific community and civil society is the possibility of the existence of life on the red planet (Mars). Researchers focus on the possibility of finding substantial evidence of similar chemical processes that detonated life on earth or to find traces left by some kind of civilization that could be extinguished by natural phenomena such as large tsunamis.

A new study revealed large tsunamis that occurred on the Martian surface approximately three (3) million years ago. Substantial evidence shows that there was a great ocean which covered much of this region in the north part hemisphere Martian (Mars), which would explain one of the great questions of the scientific community. The existence of a large ocean in the northern hemisphere of the red planet explain the absence of the coast, which is one of the big questions that concern to the scientific community. This would explain the possibility of settling in the coastal area which would prevent the observation of these parts (coasts) Red Planet (Mars). The presence of large tsunamis may have led to soil and sediment obscured parts of the Martian ocean coast (Mars), according to a study published on May 19, 2016 in the journal “Scientific Reports”.

The new study was conducted with data obtained from satellites, through which they determined the existence of two (2) tsunamis, which were probably caused by asteroid impact with the Martian planet (Mars). The investigation also determined that these tsunami waves had reached between 50 and approximately 120 meters high, and flooded up to 1 million square kilometers of the northern hemisphere of the red planet (Tuesday). If there had been a way of life in these coastal regions it might suffer the same fate of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. As if there were any other types of Martian lives and accentuated in these regions suffer its Biblical flood.

The chances that lies around life on a Tuesday or who finds been extinguished are many and more with the presence of liquid water on the Martian planet at the same time teaches man that we care for our planet because it is the only home to now we know.


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