Space Agency and the American Aeronautics (NASA) is silent on the possibility of the existence of life in the ocean of Jupiter’s moon

Esta visión a color mejorada de la nave espacial Galileo de la NASA muestra un intrincado patrón de fracturas lineales sobre la superficie helada de la luna Europa de Júpiter. – Créditos: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Instituto SETI.

A study by NASA shows a color image with a number of physical patterns found in Europe, the moon of Jupiter. Irregular physical patterns (fracture surface) of the most recent ice surface somehow or other cut the oldest irregular physical patterns (cracks on the surface). Like other regions of the natural satellite (moon Europa) jupiter they present recent landforms that fill much interest the scientific community regarding the possibility of the existence of triggers biochemical processes of life.

The possibility that the icy surface of Europa (natural satellite of Jupiter) is geopolitically active shows that the Jovian moon may exist some types of life. If the ice blocks with irregular patterns (cracks) carried by some kind of phenomenon Jovian contain a chemical produced by the bombardment of Jupiter’s radiation into the ocean; you could find some kind of biological evolution, as these ingredients, called oxidants, can then be available to react with other chemicals, called gear from the seabed, so that useful chemical energy available for biology.
There is life in Europe is still a question, plus there are geological phenomena and chemicals is also one wide while the researchers’ expectations as to the possibility of the existence of other life forms or forms of possibility similar to ours that are evolved from matter lives.

Hear and investigate different ways of life and their requirements to suit different environments in which they evolved is fundamental to understanding the existence and purpose of our human species.
Love life and take care of it, we are all part of this planet.


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