Diabetes mellitus more than a pandemic is a worldwide tsunami

diabetes millum.png

Diabetes mellitus has become a disease of great proportions has affected millions of people around the world. According to resent estimates, this disease has already surpassed the Spanish flu pandemic, some call for its extension around the world as a tsunami.

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is known as a set of metabolic disorders, which share the common feature of present high levels of blood glucose (hyperglycemia) or chronic persistent. Even some sectors classified into various types due to their complexity, mostly share symptoms, destroy entire b cells in the human body causing insulin deficiency.

Estimates from the 80s (from 1980 year) to date shows that the numbers of people affected by diabetes mellitus has quadrupled considerably, it is a disease that has overtaken the pandemic of Spanish flu that devastated the society in the 20th century with some discouraging numbers growing alarm to the medical community because of the background and the rapid progress that has regarding indexes and existing calculations.

Estimated figures of people affected in 2000: 171 million people.

Diabetes mellitus por país en 2002: afectados por cada 100.000 habitantes.

The main symptoms presented diabetes mellitus are:

excessive urination (polyuria).
Abnormal increase in the need for eating (polyphagia).
Increased thirst (polydipsia).
The main causes of diabetes mellitus:

Greatly he is associated with the lifestyle of individuals and genetic problems. High consumption of carbohydrates of rapid absorption, a genetic malformation, a possible insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, excess weight and lack of exercise.
Overall it is a very complex disease and can affect us without our noticing for a long period of time. Factors such as genetic malformations can not predict, but as for our diet and our sedentary lifestyle, if we can change them.

Keep in constant activity during regulated hours and a healthy diet can lower the risk for this serious disease.
Love life and take care of it, we are all part of this planet.


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