Why some leaves certain time of year lose their green color and turn different colors?


At certain times of year the plants in some regions of the planet (Earth) lose their bright green color and take many colors like yellow and red, it is a time which seems nice in the beautiful view provided us at the time the plants.
But once you order asked the Why take these tones plants at certain times of the year? especially in climates with seasons. Well the answer is very simple, you just know that it is Chlorophyll and photosynthesis.

Chlorophylls are a family of green pigment found in cyanobacteria and in all organisms containing chloroplasts in their cells, which includes plants and various groups of protists, which are called algae.

Microscopic view of chloroplasts, which contain chlorophyll, present in a plant leaf.

Chlorophyll is an extremely important biomolecule, critical in photosynthesis, a process that allows plants to absorb energy from sunlight.


Photosynthesis is the conversion of inorganic matter into organic matter thanks to the energy provided by light. In this process the light energy is transformed into stable chemical energy, with adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the first molecule in which is stored this chemical energy. Through this chemical process plants take the green or chlorophyll.
In fact, every year the photosynthesizing organisms fixed in the form of organic matter around 100 000 million tonnes of carbon.

The opposite happens when plants turn red, yellow or various shades; at the time the radiation intensity is low due to the season tiempo.En times fall and winter mainly sunlight is more walking and chemical processes of photosynthesis can not carry out, by the absence of sunlight.


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