Video – The defense of the population under external threats

Testing of the LG-118A Peacekeeper re-entry vehicles, all eight fired from only one missile. Each line represents the path of a warhead which, were it live, would detonate with the explosive power of twenty-five Hiroshima-style weapons.
The United States and its allies taking the task seriously.
For the American government and its allies around the world, ensuring the safety of the population is a priority to meet; this year (2015), the American government and Seoul, conducted a training unprecedented in the Korean Peninsula (SouthKorea), which demonstrate its power and strength in precision weapons by air, land and sea.
Military training have no purpose of aggression to any neighboring nation, are part of military technical cooperation that Washington “Us department of defense“periodically with their allies around the world.
In the following video, we present these military exercises, which are accurate and complete mastery of weapons by air, land and sea.

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