Islamic State (EI) has launched a new decree which bans pigeon breeding, according to its leaders, "to fly these birds offend God".

EI. State Islamic decrees.

As reported by Daily Mail the terrorist group Islamic State (EI) has issued a decree by which prohibits raising pigeons, according to the arguments given by the leaders of the terrorist group idolatry is because “the vision of the genitals of these birds in flight is offensive to Islam “, reports Daily Mail. In addition, the EI notes that instead of wasting time raising these birds the faithful should spend their time in prayer.
By an official document they warn those who have pigeons that have just one week to get rid of them. Furthermore, those who do not stop this activity could be subjected to public flogging or even be punished with imprisonment.
This decree adds to the decrees handed down by the direction of the terrorist organization, and it was stated that in January this year he was arrested and punished a teenager of 15 years for disobeying a similar ban.

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